Friday, 22 July 2011

The Opposite of Easy

Hello all, and sorry for the silence.

We have, of course, all been busy here at Gumbo Towers with all the things we have to do, and watching your submissions roll in for Issue 2 of Word Gumbo.

As of today we have finalised our decisions and emailed everyone, so now it's just a question of putting the issue to bed. All things being equal, we hope it have it up for you by the end of the month.

If anything it's been an even harder job this time around, with the quality of the work being exceptionally high. Still, we've managed to find what we consider to be the very best pieces and we're sure you'll really enjoy the magazine when it finally hits the virtual shelf.

This morning was spent sending out the emails, and it is quite a strange experience. Because of the anonymous submissions system, when reading the work we don't know who we have accepted until it comes time to go through the emailing process. As a result we discover that we have to disappoint some friends and respected writers. Still, I think that shows that we are being as fair as possible, accepting only the very best and most fitting for the theme, ensuring the quality of the final magazine.

Anyway, that's enough waffle for now. Time to type-set and get that magazine into your eager hands!

And, don't forget, we are already looking for material for the next issue. The theme is 'Light' and the guidelines can be found at

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